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Who is Informit

Informit provides access to unique specialist content through its collection of over 100 databases. These cover a wide range of subjects including health, engineering, business, education, law, humanities and social sciences.

From its head office in Melbourne, Australia, Informit works with library consortia, associations and agents to help users advance their research through access to peer-reviewed and specialist journals, monographs, reports, conference papers and bibliographic indexes, collated with a focus on regional perspectives and otherwise hard-to-find research.

Informit products provide access to authoritative research from Australasia and around the world.

Our products

Full text databases

An extensive range of authoritative subject-based databases featuring coverage of Australian and international information resources.


A rich archive of resources related to the social, cultural and political life of Australia in its regional context.

Index databases

A collection of highly specialised databases for the discovery of hard-to-find resources.

EduTV and TVNews

Video content compiled from diverse media sources delivering news, current affairs and educative material (available only to subscribers in Australia with a Screenrights licence).

Publish with Informit for free

Be discovered

Reach and be recognised by a truly global audience of academics, business groups, influential thought leaders, libraries, professionals, researchers and students, who are actively searching for your insights.

Be valued

Is your work unique? Is it relevant to the research and professional needs of your audience? We ask questions like these, and use market research, journal rankings and your publisher profile to establish a monetary value for your content.

Be marketed

We are proactive marketers, constantly reaching out to new customers in new places, while continuing to learn more about our existing customers and the content they value and need. We drive usage of Informit through its ongoing promotion as a go-to resource across key sectors.

Be rewarded

With Informit, you can tailor your royalty plan to suit your needs. Informit generates over 17 million article searches worldwide from the academic, corporate, government and legal sectors every year.

Be protected

Your Intellectual Property is in safe hands with Informit. We are zealous guardians of your copyright and protect your interests with sophisticated article blocking and password protection.

Be sure

Enjoy the confidence and surety that comes from dealing with one of the world’s leading universities, RMIT University. As a non-profit organisation, we direct all publishing proceeds to the wider research community.

Share your expertise with a global audience

Some of the world’s best known universities and organisations subscribe to and publish with Informit.

What our clients say

  • Distribution of our publications via Informit helps us ensure that our content is accessible to key scholarly and research audiences all over the world.
    Rhonda Black
    Director, Aboriginal Studies Press
  • Engineers consistently put access to information as one of their top priorities. Engineers Australia has been delighted with the initiative, energy and support from RMIT Publishing which has enabled us to bring the Informit Engineering Collection to the international Engineering community.
    Martin Dwyer
    Director, Engineers Australia
  • We have preserved a collection of education research documents in Australia and through Informit's reach are able to support education policy makers and professionals around the world. Australia is a leading provider of education services and our partnership with Informit enables us to share our experience and expertise globally.
    Pru Mitchell
    Manager, Information Services, ACER