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Search History

Search History allows you to save a search to run again at another time. This function is useful for complicated searches or for searches that are frequently used.

To save a search history from current search results:

  • Click My Search History on the black Informit toolbar
  • Searches in the current session are listed
  • Click Select all to select all search results; or click checkboxes to select individual results
  • Click Clear all to deselect all checked search results
  • Click Remove selected to remove any individually selected search results
  • Click Re-use to re-enter a selected search query into the Search Query box
  • Click Combine using OR to combine any selected search results with the OR operator
  • Click Combine using AND to combine any selected search results with the AND operator
  • Click Save under My Search History
    • Enter an email address in the Email box
    • Enter a description of your search in the Description box
    • Click Save History
  • Click Current to return to current searches


To retrieve search histories:

  • Go to My Search History on the black Informit toolbar
  • Click Load and enter your email address
  • Click Load History
  • Select the search history from the list
  • Click
    • Run Now to run your search
    • View to run your search history and view results on the current search history page
    • Delete to remove the search history

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