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Woven Histories, Dancing Lives: Torres Strait Islander Identity, Culture and History

Woven Histories, Dancing Lives is a collection of essays that communicates the unique histories and cultures of Torres Strait Islanders to a broad audience. Not only have Islanders long absorbed the cultural influences from two surrounding landmasses and, more recently, negotiated the development of two nations in the region, their lives have been transformed by 150 years of immigration and new economic and political conditions. In this collection readers will discover the remarkable cultural diversity that has emerged out of this history.

The contributors offer new reflections on inter-ethnic relationships, identity concerns, gender relations and the political struggles of Islanders. As a scholarly resource, this collection of high-quality essays is empirically rich and theoretically innovative. As a creative endeavour, it embraces Islander and non-Islander visions of society and history. As a critical challenge, it contains insights that can be brought to bear upon fundamental issues regarding the place of Indigenous people in an Australia still profoundly uncertain of its relationship to, and recognition of, its Indigenous peoples.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
Place of Publication: Canberra, ACT
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 085575432X
EISBN: 9780855754327
Publication Year: 2004
Subject Covered: Indigenous peoples; History (General); Anthropology; Social groups