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Calling the shots: Aboriginal photographies

This collaborative book explores Indigenous Australian perspectives on photography. Historians of Australian photography have noted that from the medium’s inception Indigenous Australians were of great interest to photographers. Yet one aspect of this encounter that has been overlooked, but is evident from the earliest years, is the participation of Aboriginal people themselves. There is no longer any excuse to assume that they were simply passive victims. This is not to dismiss the often enormous power inequalities that shaped colonial relations. However, rather than telling us what 'the white photographer saw', or conceiving of photography as inevitably a means of defining and managing Aboriginal subjects, we simply ask a question: what were the views and experiences of the Indigenous participants?

Contributors examine historical interactions between photographer and Indigenous people and the ways that such images can be understood to express the process of cross-cultural exchange, as well as the rich and vital meanings photographs have today.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
Place of Publication: Canberra
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 9781922059598
Publication Year: 2014
Subject Covered: Social groups; Indigenous peoples