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Aboriginal Suicide Is Different: A Portrait of Life and Self-destruction

First published in 2001, this new edition includes new preface, an expanded bibliography, and a new index. Adopting an historical and anthropological approach to suicide in Australia and New Zealand, Aboriginal Suicide is Different documents rates of suicide that may well be the world's worst. Tatz argues that to comprehend this relatively recent phenomenon (more outside than inside custody) we have to appreciate Australian Aboriginal history. Tatz believes this appreciation would contribute more to an understanding of suicide today than do psychological or medical theories about the victim.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
Place of Publication: Canberra
Resource Type: Monograph
ISSN: 1038-2372
ISBN: 0855754982
Publication Year: c2005
Publication Frequency: Other
Subject Covered: Social services & public welfare; Indigenous peoples; Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' health; Indigenous peoples' health