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Subjects or Citizens?: Elementary School Policy and Practice in Bavaria, 1800-1918

Subject or Citizens? by Stephen R. Welch details the development of universal mass education during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Bavaria. Welch's exhaustive analysis of primary and secondary sources brings to light the complex and competing aims of the Bavarian state and its educators in developing an universal education designed either to '... focus primarily on the task of cultivating loyal and docile subjects who would remain passive objects of the political decision-making of their rulers, or should the school seek to equip Bavarian youngsters with the skills needed to enable them to exercise their rights as active citizens engaged in shaping their own political destiny?'
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of Melbourne, Department of History
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0734015607
Publication Year: 1998
Subject Covered: Primary education