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Southern Review: Communication, Politics & Culture

Southern Review produces three issues per year

Southern Review: Communication, Politics & Culture is an interdisciplinary journal focussing on the connections between communication and politics. Established in 1963, Southern Review is interested in communication and cultural technologies—their histories, producers and audiences, policies and texts. It welcomes articles that connect these areas either to arenas of legislative or parliamentary politics, to governance of social organizations and the institutions they constitute, or to broader negotiations of power.

Southern Review invites contributions of 4000-6000 words which contribute to the particular perspectives developed through the journal in recent years; for example, attention to the formative role of cultural and communication technologies, the role of neo-rhetorical and historical description and analysis of media, and the need for engagement with questions of politics or governance that extends beyond ideology critique.

Send articles and correspondence to: The Editor, Southern Review, School of Applied Communication, Building 4, Level 3, RMIT University, GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001. Or email [email protected]

For more detail about the journal, Southern Review can be visited at

Please note, Southern Review has changed its title and from Volume 42 Issue 1 (2009) is now Communication, Politics & Culture.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT University, School of Applied Communication
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 0038-4526
Publication Year: 1963-2008.
Publication Frequency: Three times a year
Coverage: Volume 34, Issue 1 (2001) - Volume 40, Issue 3 (2008) (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: English literature; Literature