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South African Archaeological Bulletin

The South African Archaeological Bulletin is an internationally accredited journal that publishes original peer-reviewed research articles, field and technical reports, discussion forum contributions and book reviews on all aspects of African archaeology. The Bulletin is issued twice a year, in June and December.

The Bulletin was established in December 1945 with the aim of informing a wide audience about important new research findings on all aspects of African archaeology. A founding principle was that the Bulletin should balance academic excellence with a ‘fight against embroiled and over-complicated jargon’. This it has done for more than sixty-five years and this longstanding commitment to public archaeology has made the Bulletin one of the best subscribed journals in the archaeological world. Today our commitment to social relevance extends beyond the way that archaeology is written: the Bulletin strives to raise the profile of African archaeological research and to demonstrate the key importance of archaeology within post-colonial Africa.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: South African Archaeological Society
Place of Publication: Cape Town, South Africa
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 0038-1969
Publication Year: 1945-
Publication Frequency: Semiannual
Coverage: Volume 60, Issue 182 (2005) - onwards (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: Archaeology