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Pulp and Paper from Radiata Pine

Pulp and Paper from Radiata Pine is the definitive guide on the subject, written by Dr J Mervyn Uprichard. This comprehensive study describes and evaluates research data on radiata pine obtained over five decades, and describes some aspects of its industrial processing.

Radiata Pine is the principal softwood of plantation forests in Australia, Chile and New Zealand and has the advantage of fast growth rate. It is widely used for sawn timber, panelboard, pulp and paper and other products.

There has been extensive investigation of its wood properties and how the wide variation in wood quality within the tree influences the properties of pulp and paper products obtained from different levels in the stem. Optimal processing strategies for the species are also outlined.

Pulp and Paper from Radiata Pine shows that radiata pine containing tracheids, with suitable dimensions for production of chemical and mechanical pulps with specific papermaking properties, can be selected for use from the existing forest crop, and may be grown in future forests.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Published jointly by Appita and Forest Research
Place of Publication: Carlton, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0958554854
Publication Year: 2002
Subject Covered: Manufacturing; Social Sciences (General)