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Partners in Learning and Research: Changing roles for Australian Technology Network Libraries

The success of the first Librarians of the Australian Technology Network (LATN) publication Change in Australian Technology Network Libraries prompted the desire to explore in more depth some of the special features of LATN libraries, and to disseminate that knowledge further.

University Libraries are redefining their role from support units to partners in the teaching and learning process. In doing this they are not indulging in self aggrandisement but rather recognising a number of important trends.

The contributors to Partners in Learning and Research show that the ATN Libraries are meeting these challenges enthusiastically. Moreover they are willing to share the experiences with others in a practical way, contributing to their own professional development and that of their colleagues.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of South Australia Library
Place of Publication: Adelaide
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0868039012
Publication Year: 2001
Subject Covered: Library & information sciences