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PAN: Philosophy Activism Nature

Philosophy Activism Nature is a journal publishing articles, essays and poetry exploring the philosophical underpinnings of environmental thought and the discursive changes needed to shift society towards a new ecological culture of sustainability. The journal seeks in particular to provide a forum for the exploration of the interface between ecology and environmental philosophy on the one hand, and religion, mythology and Indigenous thought on the other. Dialogue between modern science and ancient or more traditional understandings of reality is also encouraged. Each issue includes scholarly articles which have been subject to independent peer review as well as essays and poetry selected by the editors.

The views expressed in the individual contributions do not necessarily reflect those of the editors or reviewers.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: PAN Partners
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Vic.
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 1443-6124
Publication Year: 2000-
Publication Frequency: Annual
Coverage: Issue 1 (2000) - onwards (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: English literature; Literature; Philosophy & religion