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Original Law Review, The

The Original Law Review is a general peer-refereed journal that publishes articles with original ideas on legal issues in all branches of the law across all jurisdictions. The Journal provides a forum for the critical examination of law as it operates in society and for informed ideas concerning the manner in which the law should be shaped to promote human flourishing. The Journal does not publish papers with footnotes or endnotes. The overuse of citations in recent decades in most law journals has stifled original and creative commentary on legal issues.

Most articles have a small number (one or two) of key points to make. This journal encourages authors to express these points without feeling compelled to extensively reference others who may have made similar comments. We assume a high level of competence and knowledge by our readers. There is no need to summarise existing legal rules or principles.

A wide ranging journal published three times annually, the Original Law Review will publish articles dealing with all legal issues of pragmatic relevance to people in all parts of the world. Examples of topics that will be published include:

  • The objective and purpose of law
  • National sovereignty as a barrier to universal law
  • Globalization and the law
  • Legal History
  • Law and philosophy
  • Commerce and Law
  • Democracy and legal expedience
  • Biotechnology and the Law
  • Law and capitalism
  • Comparative law - which legal system is best; and
  • Law and entrenched poverty.
  • Publication Details
    Name of Publisher: Sandstone Academic Press
    Place of Publication: South Yarra, Vic.
    Resource Type: Journal
    ISSN: 1449-9053
    Publication Year: 2005-2011
    Publication Frequency: Quarterly
    Coverage: Volume 1, Issue 1 (2005) - Volume 7, Issue 4 (2011) (Comprehensive)
    Subject Covered: Law (General); Civil procedure & courts