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Vocal Citizen, The

The Vocal Citizen explores how active citizens can reinvigorate our democracy. It proposes ways for people to express their views and have them heard at all levels: national and state government, the workplace and the community. Most importantly, it shows how people are taking the lead themselves and advocates a new emphasis on the citizen as the mainstay of policy reform. Topics include: citizenship in political life, citizen consultation, cyber-democracy, education for citizenship, equality, political protest and public art.

The Vocal Citizen brings together a number of influential and exciting researchers including Clive Bean, Verity Burgmann, Joyce Chia, Greg Combat, Alastair Davidson, Tristan Ewins, Laurie Ferguson, Mary Gardiner, Wayne Gardiner, Karin Geiselhart, Sue Kenny, Matthew Taylor, Linda Williams and John Wiseman.

Edited by Glenn Patmore, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Melbourne.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Arena in association with Australian Fabian Society
Place of Publication: Fitzroy, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0959818170
Publication Year: 2004
Publication Frequency: Other
Subject Covered: Political science