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First International Sources of Insecurity Conference, The

The First International Sources of Insecurity Conference

In late 2003 members of The Globalism Institute formed a research network around the Sources of Insecurity. As a part of the ongoing collaborative work of that Network, which had its genesis in the broader research theme of The Globalism Institute of the same name, a national conference was organised for November 2004 around international keynote speakers, invited papers and intensive seminar discussion.

The overriding aim of the Sources of Insecurity research theme is to contest the commonplace claim that it is reassertions of older forms of tribalism and traditionalism or civilizational difference that are the well-spring of contemporary global violence. Sites currently under examination variously include Aceh, East Timor, Israel, Iraq, Palestine, Rwanda, Bosnia and Kosovo, Melanesia and India.

This inaugural conference addressed a range of critically important themes relating to globalising violence and insecurity in the world today. The conference explored a range of themes and specific sites, in order to map and understand the sources of that insecurity, both from ‘above’ and ‘below’.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT Publishing
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Vic.
Resource Type: Conference Paper
ISBN: 0864593333
EISBN: 0864593333
Publication Year: 2004
Subject Covered: Public administration & military science