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Selves Crossing Cultures: Autobiography and Globalisation

Why do we seek to record our life-stories?

What drives us to set down our reflections on the circumstances of our lives? Perhaps one of the most significant autobiographical motivations is our response to the new or the different, to the many external changes that impact on our lives: new political agendas, new socio-cultural environments, new physical surroundings (whether forced or chosen). In recent times these phenomena have frequently been discussed under the heading of "globalisation", more broadly understood as the complex interconnectedness between nation states, with an emphasis on the political, economic and cultural influence of global (Western) capital.

In this volume, scholars from a range of disciplines examine the effect that globalisation might have on the autobiographical process. In particular, they focus on writers' (and in some cases their own) responses to other cultures, landscapes, and ways of seeing

In all, a thought provoking, multidisciplinary collection that will stimulate further discussion in this emerging area of study.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Scholarly Publishing
Place of Publication: Kew, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 1740970098
Publication Year: 2002
Subject Covered: Literature; Social Sciences (General)