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Passionate City: An International Symposium, The

The Passionate City: An International Symposium seeks to establish new approaches to the analysis of cities as it generally occurs in university studies. Over the past ten to twenty years, there has been a rush of scholarly books and articles on actual cities and contemporary urban life which have helped form an exciting new transdisciplinary field of enquiry. This research has analysed ‘the city’, and specific urban locations, as constructed environments produced at the intersection of intricate economic, political, social and cultural flows. But these descriptions of the city, whilst multifaceted and comparative at one level, remain in an important way quite singular: it is as if each city exists as a total or complete social universe.

Working against this implicit assumption, the symposium proceedings provide an opportunity to contemplate the ways in which the identity of particular cities emerges from an engagement or comparison with ‘other’ cities. In other words, the ways in which cities are places of mutual exchange, of aspiration and envy, such that the picture that emerges of the city is always by definition a partial one; incomplete and ‘one-eyed’. In a word, passionate.

This publication is an outcome of a one-day symposium, The Passionate City, that took place on 27 August 2004 at RMIT University, Melbourne, and was co-convened by Brian Morris and Deb Verhoeven. Presenters were invited to submit revised papers for refereeing (by members of an independent committee) and subsequent publication (in accordance with DEST guidelines).

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT University, School of Applied Communication
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0864593317
EISBN: 0864593317
Publication Year: 2004
Subject Covered: Social Sciences (General)