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New Blue Line?: Examining the Use of Volunteers to Support Policing, The

The Honourable Andre Haermeyer, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, witnessed first hand the valuable contribution which community volunteers make in enhancing police services in a visit to the USA. The Victorian Department of Justice supported the development of a research project which aimed to examine the use of volunteers to support policing. This report is the culmination of that research. The project brought together staff of the RMIT University’s School of International and Community Studies, The Police Association, Victoria and the Victoria Police.

The research undertaken includes:

  • An extensive national and international literature search;
  • Interviews with relevant stakeholders; and
  • Direct observation and investigation of selected existing programs in Australia and overseas.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT Publishing
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Vic.
Resource Type: Report
ISBN: 0864593457
Publication Year: 2004
Subject Covered: Criminology & criminal justice