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Managing Information in the Digital Age: The Australian Technology Network Libraries Respond

This third monograph from LATN contains papers about initiatives focused on the opportunities of the digital age. These are opportunities, and challenges, not only for librarians but also for academics and students. How they are responded to will have a major impact on learning, teaching and research outcomes in a century where information literacy as ‘learning to learn’ will assume increasing importance.

Those challenges include:

  • the consequences of the rapid growth in the creation and dissemination of electronic resources
  • changing patterns in scholarly communication and publishing
  • increasing use of multimedia
  • changes in the management of copyright and intellectual property
  • new library staffing structures, change management and succession and workforce planning.

The papers in this volume indicate how the ATN libraries are being proactive about those challenges. They also indicate the educational breadth and technological complexity of their initiatives.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of South Australia Library for the Librarians of the Australian Technology Network
Place of Publication: Adelaide
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 1920927255
Publication Year: 2005
Subject Covered: Library & information sciences