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Expanding Urban Frontier: Urban Form in Melbourne's Growth Corridors, The

This report examines the nature and extent of residential growth in Melbourne's outer urban growth corridors in the context of an international literature on urban form. It analyses land availability and growth trends of the corridors in an historical context and reappraises the role of residential density in greenfield development as an element of urban form. Contrary to earlier studies, the report demonstrates that increasing residential density can effectively limit the outward spread of cities.

The report also demonstrates the impact on the area of cities from different scenarios of increased residential density and analyses the characteristics of recent subdivisions in growth corridors. It proposes scenarios for containment and their potential impact and examines Australian and international examples of innovative practice.

It also analyses the implications of current trends in outer urban development for the achievement of Melbourne's strategic land use plan, Melbourne 2030. It demonstrates that land in outer urban areas is being used for housing faster than both the trend and aspirational scenarios of Melbourne 2030, and large areas of land squandered. Development is not being transferred from growth corridors to existing activity centres in accordance with government intentions. The failure to increase densities in outer urban growth areas will jeopardise compliance with Melbourne 2030 objectives and lead to renewed pressure to remove or substantially alter the Urban Growth Boundary and allow further residential development in Melbourne's green belt. This report explores how competing interests can be balanced better, and how the quality and sustainability performance of greenfield development can be improved.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT Publishing
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Report
ISBN: 0864593775
EISBN: 0864593767
Publication Year: c2005
Subject Covered: Social Sciences (General); Landscape art