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E-learning in the University: Some Constructionist Perspectives

E-learning in the University: Some Constructionist Perspectives brings together stories of research and practice concerning online learning across a large, disparate and evolving university. In different ways, contributors explore the extent to which emerging technologies engage with issues of identity, and of community. In doing so, each contributes to a broader conversation about whether we are experiencing a change in the very nature of learning, and in how we see ourselves, as both teachers and learners. The text is intended for academics and students who share an interest in exploring both the possibilities and limitations of e-learning in post-compulsory contexts.

The SOLTAR series (Studies on Learning, Teaching and Research) raises issues related to learning, teaching and research of relevance to university educators, students, professional development staff and curriculum support personnel. The series provides varied instances where educators reflect on their own practices in terms of their theoretical positions. The series seeks to encourage other practitioners to reflect on their own theory and practice, with a view to pushing boundaries and extending repertoires as well as options.

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Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT University Press
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 1921166029
Publication Year: 2005
Subject Covered: Higher education