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Local-Global: Identity, Security, Community

Local-Global is a collaborative international journal concerned with the resilience and difficulties of contemporary social life. It draws together groups of researchers and practitioners located in different communities across the world to critically address issues concerning the relationship between the global and the local.

It emphasizes the following social themes and overarching issues that inform daily life over time and space:

  • Authority-Participation
  • Belonging-Mobility
  • Equality-Wealth Distribution
  • Freedom-Obligation
  • Identity-Difference
  • Inclusion-Exclusion
  • Local Knowledges-Expert Systems
  • Mediation-Disconnectedness
  • Past-Present
  • Power-Subjection
  • Security-Risk
  • Wellbeing-Adversity

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT University, Globalism Institute
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 1832-6919
Publication Year: 2005-
Publication Frequency: Irregular
Coverage: Volume 1 (2005) - Volume 11 (2012) (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: Social Sciences (General); Indigenous peoples