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What's it Worth?: 'Value' and Popular Music: Selected Papers from the 2009 IASPM Australia New Zealand Conference

‘What’s it Worth?: ‘Value’ and Popular Music’presents discussion and debate around the meanings and significances we ascribe to popular music. Value in popular music has obvious relevance to economic contexts but there are also social, cultural and aesthetic perspectives that rely on notions of ‘worth’ and ‘value’. The theme was timely given recent technological developments that are radically re-shaping the ways in which music is produced, distributed and consumed. Topics for consideration included changes to the economic value of popular music relating to the music industry, technology, digital downloading, copyright laws, and music applications for the iPhone. Explorations of the cultural and social notions of ‘worth’ looked at popular music and gender, festivals, communities, music making, film, politics, ‘multi-cultural capital’, aging, porn, and music education. Artistic and aesthetic values of popular music were negotiated in papers on canon, music history, Pacific musics, rock, folk, metal, b-boying, ska, emo, a cappella choirs and dance musics. Papers were presented by local and international academics, as well as postgraduate students, and this volume provides a snap-shot of this rich theoretical and musical diversity.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: International Association for the Study of Popular Music
Place of Publication: Dunedin, N.Z.
Resource Type: Conference Paper
ISBN: 9780958149723
Publication Year: 2010
Publication Frequency: Other
Subject Covered: Music