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Handful of Sounds: Cued Articulation in Practice, A

A Handful of Sounds contributes to current working practice by explaining and encouraging therapists to share their knowledge of phonetics and phonology with their colleagues. It shows how the system can be used in both clinical and classroom settings to aid remediation with speech, language, reading and spelling problems.

Cued articulation was originally devised in the late 1970s to help severely language handicapped children understand that sounds could be represented by simple hand cues, which show where and how speech sounds are made. This original idea also includes colour-coded consonant sounds, which aids written work. The method was found to be an extremely useful teaching aid, not only for the severely language handicapped, but also with hearing impaired, learning disabled, dyslexic, immigrant and mainstream populations.

A Handful of Sounds is written by speech therapists and teachers who have found cued articulation useful in many different settings.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: ACER Press
Place of Publication: Camberwell, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0864314574
EISBN: 0585499551
Publication Year: 2003
Subject Covered: Languages; Linguistics