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Functional Equations

Functional Equations is the first in a series called MathWorks for Teachers, that has been developed to provide teachers with a contemporary framework for conceptualising and implementing aspects of middle and senior mathematics curricula. The series is written in an informal discussion style.

Functional Equations provides mathematics teachers with an introduction to elementary aspects of functional equations. These equations are linked to function in various topics of the senior secondary mathematics curriculum including transformations, identities, difference equations and mathematical modelling. A computer algebra system has been used to generate tables and graphs, as well as carrying out symbolic computation for the illustrative examples.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: ACER Press
Place of Publication: Camberwell, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0864314922
EISBN: 1423748840
Publication Year: 2006 [i.e. 2005]
Subject Covered: Mathematics