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Developing Helping Skills

Developing Helping Skills is a useful resource for understanding the aims and developing the essential skills involved in counselling, helping situations and interviews. In each chapter, the important skills are defined and illustrated, and numerous exercises are provided to help ensure progress through practise. As you work your way through the chapters, along with the satisfaction of seeing your listening and interviewing skills grow, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and will be better able to apply your new or enhanced skills in helping interactions with others, whether in professional or social situations.

Developing Helping Skills is written for a range of professional groups including teachers, clergy, nurses, general practitioners, human resource managers, police, lawyers, childcare professionals and financial consultants. It could be used as either a self-help manual or for group training. Effective counselling skills and insights have much to offer professionals who can promote satisfactory life adjustment and useful coping styles among their clients and colleagues.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: ACER Press
Place of Publication: Camberwell, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0864317239
EISBN: 1423747992
Publication Year: c2005
Subject Covered: Psychology