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Collisions of Cultures and Identities: Settlers and Indigenous Peoples

The subject of Collisions of Cultures and Identities: Settlers and Indigenous Peoples is crucial for the history of colonialism in the early modern and modern periods of the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Meta-narratives of the rise of empires, the international conflicts that the rush for colonies entailed, and the details of the expansion of colonisers on foreign soil continue to occupy the central place in this history. A growing number of scholars are engaging with the experiences of post-frontier situations, considering the encounters of colonisers and colonised as part of the stories of current nation states but also, insightfully, within comparative or transnational perspectives. The chapters in this collection investigate the subject of the collision of cultures and identities with a rich complexity, and boldly evaluate current scholarship. They raise issues that are vital for furthering our knowledge and understanding of comparative colonialism. These scholars’ contributions are thus extremely timely and will be productive of further important research and reflection.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of Melbourne, Department of History
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 1921166282
EISBN: 1921166282
Publication Year: 2006
Subject Covered: Political science; Modern history; Indigenous peoples