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Change in Australian Technology Network Libraries: A Showcase of Current Professional Practice

Librarians of the Australian Technology Network, or LATN, comprises the University Librarians of Curtin University of Technology, RMIT University, the University of South Australia, The University of Technology, Sydney and the Queensland University of Technology.

LATN has operated informally for a number of years. Late 1998 saw the LATN Plan formulated, and 1999 saw the collaborative preparation of a publication to help showcase the professional practice of staff working in the member libraries of LATN.

This book is a first in many respects. It is the first LATN project to be completed. It is also the first of what LATN intends will be an ongoing occasional series. It has certainly achieved its aim of helping to showcase a wide diversity and range of professional practice and highlights a number of areas in which the member libraries of LATN are showing the way with good professional practice.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of South Australia Library
Place of Publication: Adelaide
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0868036617
Publication Year: 2000
Subject Covered: Library & information sciences