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Centenary Reflections: 100 Years of Rugby League in Australia

This volume of ASSH Studies marks the fourth book in a quartet of anthologies devoted to football codes in Australia. Editors Tim Hogan (Reading the Game: An Annotated Guide to the Literature and Films of Australian Rules Football), Bill Murray and Roy Hay (The World Game Downunder) and Mary Bushby and Thomas V. Hickie (Rugby History: The Remaking of the Class Game) are now joined by Andrew Moore and Andy Carr with Centenary Reflections: 100 Years of Rugby League in Australia.

This recent upsurge in scholarship not only reflects the strong growth of football studies as a discipline both in and outside the academy, but it denotes the way in which Australia’s sporting landscape is characterised by a unique and diverse set of football communities.

Edited by Andrew Moore and Andy Carr, this title is number 25 in the Australian Society for Sports History's monograph series.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Society of Sports History
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 9780980481525
Publication Year: 2008
Subject Covered: Recreational & performing arts (includes sport)