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Essays in Sport and the Law

The Australian Society for Sports History (ASSH) has always had significant links with the legal profession. Indeed, the fourth volume of the ASSH Studies series, Games, Rules and the Law, edited by Wray Vamplew and published in 1987, was one of the earliest books devoted to the nexus between sport and the law in an Australian context. It contained essays by noted academics Robert Paddick, Hayden Opie and J. Neville Turner, and at 49 pages was a slim, if not concise, collection of material.

Two decades down the track, it is timely that the editors of this volume have devoted considerable energy to producing a much more extensive and eclectic compilation of essays, reflective of the recent boom in sports studies and the key part that legal considerations have played in this expansion.

Edited by Thomas V. Hickie, Anthony T. Hughes, Deborah Healey and Jocelynne A. Scutt, this title is number 24 in the Australian Society for Sports History's monograph series.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Society of Sports History
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 9780980481518
Publication Year: 2008
Subject Covered: Social, education & cultural law