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Advancing Music Education in Australia

Advancing Music Education in Australia is the fifth monograph in the ASME monograph series, published in 1999. In Australia there is a diverse range of organisations concerned with the promotion and support of music and music education. Some of these organisations operate to fulfil the specific needs of the members of a discrete community, while others work to promote a particular educational philosophy. There are organisations to support the specific needs of classroom and studio teachers within each State, and others that bring together the interests and needs of educators from a national perspective. Some organisations exist to promote and encourage the individual performer, while others work towards the development of individuals within larger music ensembles. Regardless of the primary concern of these organisations, all of them come together to promote the development of music and music education within Australia. The theme of the ASME XII National Conference in 1999 is "Opening the Umbrella: An encompassing view of music education". ASME approached a wide range of music associations and music organisations in Australia. They were invited to consider and comment on: - their mission statement and/or aims and objectives; - the essential components of music; -education today; - their contribution to music education in Australia; - major issues associated with music education today; - their perspective on where music education will be in ten years.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Society for Music Education
Place of Publication: Parkville, Vic.
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0957741308
Publication Year: 1999
Subject Covered: Music; Education (General)