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Themis: The Journal for Justice Professionals

Themis is a professional-quality, peer-reviewed academic journal, publishing SJSU student research in justice studies and forensic science. The journal features student research papers and book reviews. The purpose of Themis is to: inspire academic research and original writing in justice fields; instil respect for authorship and the writing and process; promote scholarly excellence and professionalism; develop editorial and critical evaluation skills; provide students a means for publication and recognition of scholarship, and a source of pride in their department; provide students the experience of peer review: evaluating and critiquing papers for style, clarity, content and accuracy; and line-editing papers for publication.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Queensland University of Technology, Faculty of Law
Place of Publication: Shailer Park, QLD
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 1325-1066
Publication Year: 1996-1997.
Publication Frequency: Three times a year
Subject Covered: Criminology & criminal justice