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Indigenous Law Bulletin

The Indigenous Law Bulletin (ILB) is a leading journal for accessible, accurate and timely information about Australia's Indigenous peoples and the law. A valuable resource to legal practitioners, advocates, policy-makers and researchers, our content covers emerging legislation, policy, case law, international developments as well as grass-roots activism and the work of Indigenous communities and organisations.

Some of the issues covered by the ILB are:

  • * native title
  • * sovereignty
  • * corrections and imprisonment
  • * land rights
  • * stolen generations
  • * criminal justice
  • * treaties
  • * discrimination
  • * human rights
  • * intellectual property
  • * cultural and heritage issues
  • * biodiversity and biopiracy
  • * international and comparative law

A major aim of the ILB is to provide avenues for Indigenous people to inform debate on contemporary legal issues. It also provides a public forum for continuing dialogue on the legal and social injustices Indigenous peoples face in pursuit of the full realisation of their rights in Australia and throughout the world. Since 1981 the ILB has facilitated discussion, celebrated legal achievements and attracted commentary from some of the country's leading legal minds.

The Bulletin is a bi-monthly publication.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of New South Wales, Indigenous Law Centre
Place of Publication: Sydney
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 1328-5475
Publication Year: 1997-
Publication Frequency: Bimonthly
Coverage: Volume 7, Issue 1 (Nov 2007) - onwards (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: Constitutional & administrative law; Indigenous peoples