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Arena Journal

Arena Journal concerns itself with the possibilities for a renewed critical practice in an era of rapid transformation. The intensification of globalisation means much more than just a change in politics of economics (although these remain vital questions), but cuts deep into every aspect of our being. Previously taken-for-granted elements in social life, even the nature of the social itself have become rapidly destabilised as every institution and cultural setting is potentially drawn into the framework of commodity circulation, and the social is increasingly constituted through the media and the image.

Arena Journal hopes to encourage discussion around key aspects of this transformation: in particular the changing nature of the economy; the structure and experience of the self; the re-constitution of class politics, state structures, and modes of artistic expression, and the significance of feminist, ecological and other social movements. While remaining open to a variety of approaches, Arena Journal wishes to maintain a strong focus upon how an ethic of social life might be renewed. In doing this, we hope to go beyond a mere assertion of the need for such an ethic, and more importantly, try to theorise the conditions whereby it might best be able to unfold.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Arena Printing and Publishing Pty Ltd
Place of Publication: Fitzroy, Vic.
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 1320-6567
Publication Year: 1993-
Publication Frequency: Annual
Coverage: Issue 21 (2003) - onwards (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: Political science; Business (General); Culture & institutions