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Women and Work 2005: Current RMIT University Research

Women and Work 2005 offers a collection of papers exploring women’s participation in the paid workforce in Australia and in other countries in the Asia Pacific region. This monograph represents the work of a number of scholars, both academics and post-graduate students, at RMIT University whose research focuses on the broad area of 'women and work'. It provides the opportunity for both writers and readers to reflect upon the diverse contexts of this research area.

Papers in this volume range from discussions of women and international development, discrimination issues and organisational concerns. Writers draw on reviews of the literature and both qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including interviews and surveys, to assist them in their analyses of a number of key issues around women and work

The writings in this volume were largely first presented at the Second Annual Women and Work: Current RMIT University Research Conference held in September 2005. Through the continued efforts of co-convenors Sara Charlesworth, Centre for Applied Social Research in the Design and Social Context Portfolio, and Maureen Fastenau, School of Management in the Business Portfolio, the conference provided the opportunity for RMIT staff and students to present in this dynamic and important area. The conference attracted 25 presenters who were invited to submit papers for consideration for this monograph.

The papers included in this monograph highlight the diversity of research on women and work being carried out at RMIT University in 2005, and illustrate the complexity of women’s lives. All papers submitted for consideration for publication were subject to a rigorous double-blind peer review process with academic expert referees drawn from universities across Australia.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT Publishing
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 1921166274
Publication Year: 2006
Subject Covered: Labor economics; Family, marriage, women; Social groups