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Vulture Cultures: How to Stop them Ravaging your Organisation's Performance, People, Profit and Public Image

Vulture Cultures is a provocative and entertaining book that articulates, in vivid detail, the tell-tale signs and symptoms of destructive workplaces. From the incompetent to the incomprehensible, the disruptive to the dastardly, this book will explain how bad behaviour gains a foothold and what perpetuates it against all good common sense.

The book provides both high-level strategies and readily applicable tips for the CEO and the change leader as well as the vulnerable and the victimised. Vulture Cultures does not dwell on the sociopath or the employee with a personality disorder. In truth, for all the sensationalist hype that surrounds them, they account for a very small percentage of the workforce population. All the characters, cultures and case studies are 100% real and based on the author's 20-year history consulting. After you have read this book you will never look at your organisation in the same light again!

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Academic Press
Place of Publication: Toowong, QLD
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 9781922117038
EISBN: 9781922117045
Publication Year: 2012
Subject Covered: Management & public relations