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Telecommunications Performance Report

The Telecommunications Performance Report examines outcomes for telecommunications consumers from a number of perspectives - macroeconomic outcomes, consumer satisfaction levels, access to services and the performance of the telecommunications industry in supplying services to consumers.

Section 105 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 sets the requirements for the Telecommunications Performance Report. The Australian Communications and Media Authority is to monitor and report each year to the Minister on all significant matters relating to the performance of carriers and carriage service providers (CSPs), with particular reference to consumer satisfaction, consumer benefits and quality of service.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Communications and Media Authority
Place of Publication: Melbourne, Vic.
Resource Type: Series
ISSN: 1833-0762
Publication Year: 2005
Coverage: Issue 2005 (2005) - Issue 2005 ( 2005) (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: Communications & telecommunications