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The Science Of Management: Fighting Fads And Fallacies With Evidence-Based Practices

To enhance the performance of their employees, managers need to reach an extraordinary number of decisions every day based on information and training as well as on their experience and instinct for what is right. But are the assumptions and beliefs behind theses decisions always based on real evidence or do many follow instead the latest management fad, personal opinion, anecdotal observation, pseudo-research or just a dogged preference for the status quo?

The authors of The Science of Management: Fighting Fads and Fallacies with Evidence-Based Practices have collated and analysed almost 16,000 scientific research articles in the fields of psychology and management to uncover over 800 surprising findings that contradict many common management practices.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Academic Press
Place of Publication: Bowen Hills, QLD
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 9781875378784
EISBN: 9781921513398
Publication Year: 2007
Subject Covered: Management & public relations