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Reconstructing Asia: The Economic Miracle That Never Was, The Future That Is

In this book Maurice Daly and Mal Logan puncture the myths that have surrounded the wonderful years of growth of a number of Asian nations, and which now stand as obstacles to Asia's recovery. Asian nations soared because they were able to exploit the possibilities of a shifting global economy, and they collapsed when their strategies crumbled under an enormous mountain of debt.

The old Asia is gone, crushed by the venality and glorious self-delusions that successive years of growth bred. The crash was precipitated by the culpable ignorance of the West, most particularly within the financial sector. It is a deep, and dangerous, irony that this sector has been awarded the task of reconstructing the new Asia.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT Publishing
Place of Publication: Melbourne
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0864447485
Publication Year: 1998
Subject Covered: Economics; Asia resources