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Innovation by Design: The Economic Drivers of Dynamic Regions

Lab.3000-innovation in digital design is Victoria’s first centre of excellence that has been established to capture the emerging opportunities arising from the synergy between design and technology. Lab.3000 spearheads a range of important programs – including research, exhibitions and education initiatives – that aim to promote digital design and position Victoria as a world leading design capital. Lab.3000’s research focus provides a crucial understanding of the profile of digital design and the necessary conditions, which stimulate industry growth.

Professor Mike Berry is examining innovation and digital design in the context of regional economic performance. His current project looks at the processes driving innovation in design focused industry clusters, particularly where information and communication technologies underpin industry development.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: RMIT University, lab.3000
Place of Publication: Carlton, Vic.
Resource Type: Report
ISBN: 0646428632
Publication Year: 2003
Subject Covered: Drawing & decorative arts