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Human Resource Management: Ethics and Employment

The book examines ethics and employment issues in contemporary Human Resource Management (HRM). Written by an international team of academics from universities in the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand, it examines the problems and opportunities facing employers and employees.

The book subdivides into three sections: Part I assesses the context of HRM; Part II analyses contemporary debates, continuity and change in HRM; and Part III proposes likely developments for the future seeking to identify a more proactive HRM approach towards ethical issues arising in employment. Distinctive features include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of continuity and change in employment and HRM
  • In-depth assessment of the ethical contribution and potential of HRM
  • Timely evaluation of the ethical achievements to-date of HRM in individualized employment relations, HRM partnerships, HRM and employee performance, and strategic HRM
  • Detailed recommendations for HR managers and general managers encouraging more ethically aware practice
  • Guidance on ethical approaches to leadership, knowledge management and collective employment relations
  • Analysis of alternative futures for HRM as a profession and advice on how to create more rigorous and independent professional practice
  • A vision of a more innovative, cooperative and ethically sensitive set of HRM practices
  • Clear proposals for HRM on how to attain more ethical conduct.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Oxford University Press
Place of Publication: Oxford ; New York
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 0199203784
Publication Year: 2007
Publication Frequency: Other
Subject Covered: Management & public relations; Philosophy & religion