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Full Employment Imperative, The

The notion that the Australian economy is even remotely near full employment is a matter of significant debate. Increasing levels of underemployment and hidden unemployment do not bear out a full employment economy. Aggregate measures also hide significant regional disparities in unemployment and the burden of unemployment falls unequally on certain groups. Youth in particular suffer higher than average unemployment rates and the average duration of unemployment for all workers is increasing.

Significant underutilisation of willing labour resources has tainted our society for the last 25 years and continues to impose costs on the economy, our communities and our citizens, whether concerned directly or indirectly.

These important issues are critically examined in The Full Employment Imperative, a collection of selected refereed papers that were presented at the joint 5th Path to Full Employment Conference / 10th National Conference on Unemployment held from 10-12 December 2003 at the University of Newcastle.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of Newcastle, Centre of Full Employment and Equity
Place of Publication: Callaghan, NSW
Resource Type: Conference Paper
ISBN: 192070132X
Publication Year: 2003
Subject Covered: Labor economics