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Equity is the flagship publication of The Australian Shareholders' Association (ASA). The ASA was established as a not-for-profit organisation in 1960 to protect and advance the interests of investors. The ASA has been successful in raising the standard of corporate governance in Australian companies. The Association continues to press for improvements in transparency and accountability in relation to company performance, executive remuneration, treatment of minority shareholders, risk management and dividend policy. The ASA liaises extensively with other bodies such as regulators, lawmakers, industry groups and accounting bodies. The ASA represents its members' views on a number of accounting and financial industry bodies.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Shareholders Association
Place of Publication: Sydney
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 1323-5303
Publication Year: 1986-
Publication Frequency: Monthly
Coverage: Volume 23, Issue 2 (2009) - onwards (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: Finance