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Constraints to Full Employment: Fiscal and Monetary Policy, WorkChoices and Job Insecurity, The

This volume from the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE) incorporates peer-refereed contributions from the 8th Path to Full Employment Conference and the 13th National Conference on Unemployment, which was held in Newcastle, 7-8 December 2005.

The major themes in this book focus on employment quality, underemployment and marginal workers. In particular, this team of high-calibre contributors present the latest research on key issues, such as:

* What is full employment?
* The problem of underemployment and marginal workers
* The decreasing quality of employment
* Broadening our measure of labour underutilisation
* Social networks and their role in local labour market outcomes
* Welfare to work issues
* WorkChoices and job security - what has happened so far and what the future might hold?
* Macroeconomic policy and full employment
* Long-term youth and indigenous unemployment
* Employment policy for people with disabilities
* Policy responses to unemployment
* GDP growth, jobs, and the environment
* The future of work including issues regarding sustainability and job design
* Regional employment/unemployment
* Spatial analysis in social sciences focusing on local and regional labour markets and housing.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: University of Newcastle, Centre of Full Employment and Equity
Place of Publication: Callaghan, NSW
Resource Type: Conference Paper
ISBN: 192070177X
Publication Year: 2006
Subject Covered: Labor economics; Management & public relations