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CGT Small Business Reliefs: The Comprehensive Practitioner's Handbook

The CGT small business reliefs are an increasingly important consideration for practitioners when advising clients, both in relation to setting up and operating businesses and asset-owning structures, and in relation to the disposal of CGT assets.

Over the years, the reliefs have been extensively amended. Although the relevant statutory provisions are not lengthy, they have always contained major difficulties - and each new amendment has added its share to these difficulties. This means that advising clients can now only be undertaken with a sound understanding of how the provisions operate and how they are affected by the amendments, and with regard to any relevant decisions and publicly released information that expresses the views of the ATO.

Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Tax Institute
Place of Publication: Sydney
Resource Type: Monograph
ISBN: 9780987300041
Publication Year: 2013
Subject Covered: Tax, trade & industrial law