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Australasian Musculoskeletal Medicine

Australasian Musculoskeletal Medicine is the official journal of the Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AAMM) and also the Australasian Faculty of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AFMM). The journal is published usually twice a year, but efforts are underway to make it more regular. It is now internationally registered as a scientific publication. Featured in the Journal are articles from leading Australian researchers in the field as well as commentary from the president and editor. Also included are book reviews and a selection of relevant abstracts from overseas journals.
Publication Details
Name of Publisher: Australian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine
Place of Publication: Bundaberg, Qld.
Resource Type: Journal
ISSN: 1324-5627
Publication Year: 1994-
Publication Frequency: Annual
Coverage: Volume 5, Issue 1 (May 2000) - onwards (Comprehensive)
Subject Covered: Diseases