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Modify Alerts

  • Login to the database you used to create your Informit Alert
  • On the Search page, click Manage My Alerts on the black Informit toolbar
  • On the Manage Alerts page, enter the email address for your Informit Alert, and click Change Email
  • Check the Description list to choose the alert you want to modify
  • Click Modify opposite the chosen description
  • In the Description box, enter any new information you want to use to describe your search
  • Set a new expiry date from the drop-down list [default is 3 months]
  • Click Modify alert


The Modify Alert page also shows:

  • Your search term(s) in red text
  • Database/s checked to find new records matching your search query

NB: Modifying the search query or the database(s) chosen is not possible. A new alert is needed for a different search query or different database.

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