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Informit Databases General Information

Informit databases provide a wealth of information resources organised in broad subject fields.

The wide range of databases enables access to unique and authoritative content in different formats specifically gathered for its significance in the research environment.

Informit Collections

Collections available on Informit:

  • Humanities & Social Sciences          
  • Health        
  • Engineering        
  • Literature & Culture          
  • Indigenous          
  • New Zealand          
  • Families & Society          
  • Business          
    • Informit Collections provide full text, cover-to-cover access to journals, monographs, conference proceedings, and other research material.
    • Informit Collections display in your list of databases whether or not your organisation subscribes.
    • Informit Collections provide free metadata to give you the option to purchase items on a pay-per-view basis.


    Informit Media

    Media databases available on Informit:

    • TVNews [September 2007 onwards]: Contains the entire data set. New records are added daily.
    • TVNews Frontfile [January 2013 onwards]: Contains data created since 01 January 2013. New records are added daily.
    • TVNews Archive [September 2007-December 2012]: Contains an archived data set. No new records will be added.
      • TVNews is an index of television news and current affairs stories from Australian free-to-air networks. It provides video access to news and selected documentary programs broadcast by ABC, SBS, TEN, NINE and SEVEN. Daily content updates and an email alert service make tracking stories easy.
      • TVNews video files are in .mp4 format.


      Informit Plus Text

      Plus Text databases available on Informit:

      • A+ Education
      • AGIS Plus Text
        • Plus Text databases provide a wide range of information sources specifically focused on the fields of education and law.
        • Plus Text databases are produced by our publishing partners.


        Informit Indexes

        • Informit Index databases provide a fuller picture for researchers by making it easy to search and locate items that exist only in print.
        • Informit Index databases lead users to essential content omitted by full text databases.
        • Over 80 index databases are available.

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