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Email Records

  • On the Search page, enter your search term(s) and click Search
  • Select the records you want to email
  • Click the Email link in the black bar above your search results
  • In Records to Email, specify the records you want:
    • Click All Records [maximum 200 records]
    • or 
      • Click Range, e.g. Range: 9-16 [default is 1-10]
      • or 
        • Click Marked Records [number of selected records shows in brackets]
        • Click Clear marked records after Email check box, if required
      • In the Fields to Email list, select the fields you want from the drop-down list
      • In the Field Label Format list, select the field labels you want from the drop-down list
      • In the Output Format list, select the output format you want from the drop-down list
      • In Search History, click the check box if you want to include your search history
      • In the Email Address box, enter the destination email address
      • In the Email Subject box, enter the Subject line you want for your email
      • Click Email to send the records to your destination email address


      Note: Email Records emails only the records, not full text or video that the record describes

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