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Browse Publications

Browse Publications tab enables browsing by title, subject and/or type of item
Browsing can be restricted by database [see Select Databases]
Browse Publications is only available for full text content

  • Click Browse Publications tab on Informit search page


Two options are available for browsing:

  • Enter a search term in the search box to find any title containing that term
  • Select from Subjects and Types drop-down list to limit your search [optional]
  • Click Find



  • Click a letter in the alphabetical list to browse for a specific title beginning with that letter [Titles (A) list is landing page]
  • Click All to browse the full list of titles


To browse journal issues, book chapters or media episodes:

  • Find your title
  • Click the appropriate database name to browse issues, chapters or episodes for that title
    • Click an issue to browse all articles in that journal issue
    • Click a chapter title to see a summary page with citation details
    • Click an episode to see all videos available for that episode


Things to note:

  • Books can be downloaded complete or as individual chapters
  • Browsing can be limited by subject and/or type of item using the drop-down list


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